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KWLP/EPCH “The Peach” offers the best of both worlds in radio advertising, in more ways than one!

  • It is an FM radio station and an online radio station with local, national and international reach!
  • It is a community radio station with important community and educational content, but with a commercial license…

This means you can advertise on a community radio station, support and sponsor valuable community content without any underwriting restrictions, and reach a large variety of listeners!

Be part of a very good thing!  CLICK HERE  to download The KWLP Media Kit.  CLICK HERE to see our available styles and sizes for our sponsor's banners for the KWLP website.

Advertise with KWLP to sponsor and support its meaningful mission.

CLICK HERE to read the Mission of the Hualapai Tribe radio.

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GCW TP 200

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