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As a radio station broadcasting under a commercial license issued
January 5, 2016 by the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.),
KWLP, 100.9 FM, Peach Springs, Arizona must comply with certain rules
and regulations regarding political advertising during designated
“political windows.” These rules vary regarding federal, state and local
election campaigns and issues-focused political advertising. Political
windows are 45 days prior to primary elections and 60 days prior to
general elections. KWLP will be applying the F.C.C. rules regarding local
elections to the upcoming Hualapai Tribal Council elections. These rules
include “equal opportunity” to “reasonable access” for “legally
qualified” candidates for the same office.
If you are a “legally qualified” candidate interested in advertising on the
radio, you are entitled to review the station’s public file, including the
political advertising request and run contents, and to information from
the station regarding:

  • Classes of spots and day parts generally sold
  • General rotations sold by the station
  • Sales practices such as “make goods,” discounts for packages, etc.,.
  • Lowest available spot rate

If you request to purchase political advertising time, you will need to
complete a requisite disclosure statement (N.A.B. #17, 18) that must be
kept in the station’s public file for two years.
If you are otherwise interested and have any questions about the
pertinent rules, please call the station manager at (928) 769-1110.
KWLP’s policy and procedure handbook is also available to review on
the station website at