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Sherry Deford
Miss Sherry graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 1988 where she met her future husband, Pastor Steve of the Hualapai Baptist Church. She raised their six children, home educating them all from kindergarten through high school. She ministers beside her husband among the ladies of the Hualapai people and has since 2008. She has previously served among the Pima, Ak-Chin, San Carlos Apache, and the Stoney of Alberta, Canada. She has helped many women learn how to raise their children according to biblical truths and has helped establish two home-school co-ops, including one through the Hualapai Baptist Church here in Peach Springs. Now, she adds to her resumé, “Sharing the Word with Miss Sherry” which can be heard at the beginning of Pastor’s Steve’s Redeemed and Free show every Wednesday at 6:00pm and Sunday at 10:00a.m. on KWLP 100.9 fm "The Peach!"