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Welcome To KWLP - 100.9 FM

Peach Springs Radio!

Gamyu! Welcome to the home of “The local radio station of the Hualapai Nation!”
KWLP 100.9 FM  -  simulcasting here on, where we play "All kinds of music for All of Peach Springs..."
The station can be heard in your home, business or car while you’re in the area of
Peach Springs, Arizona at 100.9 FM.  You may also listen on line anywhere in the world.  On
this site. just click "Listen Now" to the right.   You may also listen on SMART and Android phones
via the TuneIn App.
The station broadcasts live from the Hualapai Indian Reservation which encompasses a
million acres along 108 miles of the Colorado River Grand Canyon - Home of the
Hualapai River Runners and the Grand Canyon West Skywalk. The Hwal`bay call this
middle river corridor "Hakataya" or "the backbone of the river". Learn more about the
Hualapai Nation and its Reservation, the Hualapai River Runners and Grand Canyon
West Skywalk through the Tribe’s website at and the website of
Grand Canyon West at  
KWLP 100.9 FM broadcasts a variety of music and talk, including local language, culture and
education, as well as national Native American content. Learn more about the station by
clicking About KWLP Mission Statement, Station Staff or Advisory
Committee in the Home Section, above right.  Additional station information including
programming schedules, show details and information about our community and staff
DJs, including photos, are available under Station Information, above right.  We also try to keep the
community updated about local events and regional concerts in the Calendar section,
also above right.
If you have any questions or comments, email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.