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Barb Tinhorn


Barb is an enrolled Hualapai Tribal member and a resident of Peach springs, Arizona. She is a retired elementary school teacher for the Peach Springs Unified School District. Ms. Tinhorn earned her BS degree and a Masters degree in Elementary Education from NAU in Flagstaff, Arizona. Barb may be retired, but she is always busy. She volunteers for First Things First as the Chair Person; Read On Hualapai, as the Chair Person; Inter-Tribal Council Of Aging, as the Chair Person; and for the 21 Arizona Tribes. When she isn’t volunteering, she is on the go with travel and time with grandchildren.

Barb enjoys volunteering at KWLP because she gets to see the other host and their passion for music, plus she learn what goes on putting a radio station. She always loves “seeing Indians doing their thing.” She is the host of Elder Corner and is also our very own KWLP movie reviewer. Barb has always been an avid movie-goer. She especially enjoys guessing the plot and learning if she was right. Barb is known community-wide for being out-spoken and opinionated, so being the KWLP movie reviewer is a perfect fit for her! She especially loves movies that make her laugh or cry or put her on the edge of her seat.