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Friday Fright Night

Jr Imus Headshot

DJ Stagger Lee

DJ Stagger Lee, aka Junior Imus, is a Hualapai Community Member. He is Mescalaro Apache and Hualapai and has lived in Arizona his entire life. Stagger Lee joins the crew of KWLP volunteer DJs to share his love of Hard Rock, Alternative Rock and Psychobilly Rock ( yes that is a real genre of music..) with The Peach listeners. In his spare time he discovers new music and enjoys singing to all of it, even if it is outside his vocal range. ( but he promises not to do this on the air!)

You can catch Stagger Lee every Friday 6:00pm to 7:00 pm hosting Friday Fright Night playing his kind of music on the station that plays all kinds of music for all of Peach Springs!