Hualapai Radio Station Advisory Committee

01/24/2018 Meeting Minutes

Persons attending included: Terri Hutchens, radio station manager; Rosemary Sullivan, Health Dept; Lyndee Hornell and Marcie Craynon, Cultural Dept; Rebecca Rice, IHS.: Dave and Samantha Ryder, community at large/DJs; Wanda Quasula, law enforcement and DJ; Brittany Unger, BGC . Members absent were: Vice Chairman/Council Liaison; Rene Jaramillo, Health Dept.; Cheryl Beecher, Community Elder/ Language Speaker. The meeting was held at the KWLP Conference Room. Lunch was catered by the Walapai Market. Attendees introduced themselves for those who were new to the meeting.

Advisory Committee: Because there are new members, Terri gave an overview of members’ roles and responsibilities and provided a handout which was the applicable pages of the KWLP policy and procedure manual. Discussion was held regarding volunteer hour request and ways to meet it. Discussion was held regarding vacancies. At the suggestion of Rosemary Sullivan, she moved into the vacant spot for community Education programs, as she is on the Education Board and there are two other community health organizations represented. The program’s 2017 report to Council and 2018 goals was distributed earlier in the month for review. Terri called for questions and comments. 2018 Targets for collaboration, especially re language and cultural content was introduced by Terri. Discussion was led by Marcie Crayon off agenda. Terri invited her to discuss the Cultural Dept activities, staffing issues and future collaboration with the station instead to a previously scheduled meeting with the station scheduled for later that day. Terri advised members of future meetings and annual events.

Status of FM Station : Terri gave an overview of the station’s current licensing for new members and updated all regarding council approval of an upgrade in 2017 and council approval of the 2017 budget proposal related to the upgrade. The Resolution approving the upgrade was distributed as a handout. Some discussion was held regarding denial of requested funds for food for meetings many programs experienced, but Terri advised how it would be resolved for the station through advertiser trades.

Inquiry was made about frequent signal glitches- often at the same time of the day. Terri explained what was causing them and possible solutions being considered and attempted. Terri reported regarding Staffing vacancies and Councils suggestion to increase part-time positions to full time and funding of same. Consultant indicates Petition will be prepared and filed after bi-annual ownership report gets in by March 2 ( and other clients get up to speed with FCC mandated electronic public file.) Terri explained KWLP has had an electronic public file form beginning anticipating future mandate.

Status of Community Volunteers : Terri announced the 2017 Volunteer of the year: Sylvia Jackson. Terri gave a report of the current active volunteer DJs and their shows; those that left in 2017 and those expressing interest and being trained thus far in 2018.Upon inquiry Terri explained the voice check/volunteer meeting schedule and purpose and incentives. Discussion was held about the need to screen donated music as a volunteer opportunity.

Updates re programming /operations/content: A current programming schedule was provided as a handout. The nature and purpose of “donuts” in radio was explained by Terri. Terri reported on current Advertisers and the loss of Native Noon Hours sponsor: Hualapai River Runners. Terri also reported on two new affiliate programs and a new NV1 program she was working on adding to the schedule ( Down to the Roots, Az Public News and Indigenous in Music.

Other : Brittany Unger reported staffing situation was improving and she planned to bring youth in for “radio club” most future Fridays, would be doing a monthly activity promo and was considering doing a show. The station loaded over 650 new songs in January and a directory of the new music was distributed as a handout. On inquiry, Terri reviewed station’s language and content policy briefly and directed members to handbook on website. The raffle winner was selected and the next meeting was set for March 22, 2018 at noon at the station conference room.