Philbert Watahomigie, Tribal Council Liaison to Radio Station 928-769-2216

Ruth Woody, Internet Stream and Radio Technical Consultant, 480-837-2826

Marcie Craynon, Community Member and Cultural Department, 928-769-2234

Brittary Unger, Boys and Girls Club, 928-769-1801

Rosemary Sullivan, Healthy Heart Program Manager, 928-769-1630

Vivian Sue Parker, Community member and Health Department, 928-769-2207

Wanda Quasula, Community Member and Law Enforcement, 928-769-1024

Tina Grounds, Tribal Member, Tribe employee and station volunteer, 928-769-2399, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jonell Tapija, Tribal member, Hualapai Tribe Education and Training Program Manager, 928-769-2200

Sandra Irwin, Elder Community member and Health Department 928-769-2207

**The station program seeks an Elder community member and a representative of the Education and Social

Services from the community to participate in the Advisory Committee. If interested, please contact Terri at 928-769-1110