Practice enough to not take wrong turns and actively try to cut corners as well as you can during runs, and you'll improve over time. The Kongs are not affected by the freezing temperatures, just like the other Gorilla Glacier levels. 18.5K . An archive of MASTERLINKX10O's YouTube videos. Oftentimes, another Croctopus starts to chase the Kongs. It's easy and take seconds! There are two types of Croctopus; purple ones who usually just swim in circles repeatedly, blue Croctopus that are dormant until passed. It comes after Vine Valley and before Kremkroc Industries Inc. 1. Unlike most underwater enemies, the Croctopus is completely invincible, as even Enguarde is incapable of defeating them. In Donkey Kong Country, unlike most underwater enemies, Croctopus are completely invincible, even from Enguarde the Swordfish, and should be avoided. Croctopus Chase is all about cutting corners. This level is exclusively underwater, the third of its kind in the game. However, with blue Croctopi chasing them through the narrow passages, it is a race against time. CROCTOPUS CHASE ----- No bonus areas. A Croctopus holds the letter "D" in Donkey Kong Country (GBC). It is located at the peak of Donkey Kong Island. Donkey Kong Country video walkthrough guide. When introducing the mission, Funky uses the term "Croctopus" as a plural. Don't get stuck and don't take wide turns. King K. Rool, and Dumb Drum. leislonjose. From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia, “These octopi spin dizzily about coral formations.”,, An unused sprite of Croctopus exists in the original. This group is open to all ages, so photos should be age appropriate. Enguarde can be found hidden in all four underwater levels somewhere in Donkey Kong Country and can attack most underwater enemies with its sharp bill to defeat them. It was developed by Rareware and published by Nintendo. Croctopus Chase is all about cutting corners. For Super NES Classic Edition on the Dedicated Console, Guide and Walkthrough by WWalker. SNES - Donkey Kong Country - Croctopus Chase - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! The purple variety appear late in the level Coral Capers and throughout Clam City, and they and spin around in fixed patterns with all eight tentacles extended. Yes. Most are Nintendo gameplay videos. Donkey Kong Country video walkthrough guide. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow Rare managed to impress Nintendo enough to make them invest heavily in the company. As the name suggests, Croctopus Chase features a Croctopus chasing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in a section of the level. Coral Capers. Their name is a portmanteau of crocodile and octopus. Croctopuses are octopus-like enemies found underwater in Donkey Kong Country. In Croctopus Chase, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can obtain a photograph of Croctopus in a hidden room with two Croctopus. The next Croctopus chase will be a longer one. Oil Drum Alley b. Croctopus Chase. Map. Its extremely unique because of its design and movement patterns to confuse the player they are extremely fast and can catch up to the kongs with ease i would say that Croctopus Chase is one of the most difficult water levels in Donkey Kong Country because of the Croctopus constantly rushing the player. This is by far the hardest stage in the game to not lose time to. Add photos in bulk Join the group and add all your photos. This page was last edited on 10 September 2020, at 00:43. 144770: Ice Age Alley. There's not much to see in this level. Just one rule. Croctopus Chase; D Donkey Kong Country; E Elevator Antics; F Forest Frenzy; G Gorilla Glacier; I Ice Age Alley; J Jungle Hijinxs; K Kongo Jungle; Kremkroc Industries Inc. L Loopy Lights; M Manic Mincers; Millstone Mayhem; Mine Cart Carnage; Mine Cart Madness; Misty Mine; Monkey Mines; N Necky Nutmare; O Oil Drum Alley; The G is … The purple variety appear late in the level Coral Capers and throughout Clam City, and they and spin around in fixed patterns with all eight arms extended. Acquire the highest score in Ice Age Alley in DK Attack. Croctopus Chase e. Torchlight Trouble f. Rope Bridge Rumble g. Really Gnawty Rampage E. Kremroc Industries Inc. a. K - Don't worry, you'll swim right through it. Just swim as fast as you can, and avoid the corner found along the way, as this corner is the Croctopus' home sweet home. Donkey Kong Country - Elevator Antics-c8FfD5xQGNY.jpg download. Level 23 - Croctopus Chase - Donkey Kong Country video walkthrough by TheMDFGaming. Acquire the highest score in Croctopus Chase in DK Attack. Gorilla Glacier is the fourth world of Donkey Kong Country. Source: ( The world's boss is the giant beaver Really Gnawty. Click on "Organize" 2. 15.8K . Squawks makes its first and only game appearance here. Tutorials, hints, lets plays, walkthroughs, guides, and more. No nudity or erotica. Croctopus Chase - Donkey Kong Country video walkthrough by newerawalkthrough. Taking place in the depths of a freezing lake, Croctopus Chase is the third underwater level in the game. Now, enter the Launcher Barrels to move into the next area. After passin… Croctopuses appear in blue and purple varieties, and their color scheme resembles the venomous blue-ringed octopus. It is easy to lose 2-5 seconds over optimal even when you learn the path. Croctopus Chase [O] is in a hidden room through the right-hand wall just beyond the first set of barrel cannons. Donkey Kong Country, originally released in 1994, is the first game in the Donkey Kong Country series. NEXT> 3. It is easy to lose 2-5 seconds over optimal even when you learn the path. Bonus 2: After the first Chomps there'll be a Croctopus that will chase you in a circle. … Bonus areas: none. Enguarde the Swordfish is an Animal Buddy owned by the Kongs who first appeared in Donkey Kong Country and later in most other Donkey Kong games. The Game Boy Color remake only has the purple variant, even in Croctopus Chase where their characteristics represent blue Croctopuses.

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