Pat Klous is credited as Patricia Klous. They are taken hostage by a nutty hermit (John Astin) and caught in a hurricane. Waiter Greg argues with passenger Jim before learning of their connection. Isaac gets the crew to bolster his stagestruck aunt's (Isabel Sanford) ego, which turns her into an outrageous prima donna and upsets his uncle (Mel Stewart). Fred and Louise travel with their divorced friend Art and his young gal pal Patti. The manager of the gift shop has her hands full with all three of her fiancés on board. Gopher gets even in the closing scene. An expensive dress involved in each of this episode's storylines. The Love Boat Mermaids include: Debbie Bartlett as Susie - Love Boat Mermaid (credited as Deborah Bartlett); Tori Brenno as Maria - Love Boat Mermaid; Nanci L. Hammond as Jane - Love Boat Mermaid (credited as Nanci Lynn Hammond); Teri Hatcher as Amy - Love Boat Mermaid; Debra Johnson as Patti - Love Boat Mermaid; Macarena as Sheila - Love Boat Mermaid; Andrea Moenas as Starlight - Love Boat Mermaid (credited as Andrea Moen); and Beth Myatt as Mary Beth - Love Boat Mermaid. Rich brothers (Ben Murphy and Charles Siebert) bet $1 million that they will not fall in love on the cruise. 1977; 9 Seasons; ABC; TV-PG; comedy, romance; Love, `exciting and new,' kept this campy anthology series afloat for nine seasons. Other Guests: Lea Vernon as TV Reporter, John J. Guest Stars: Bob Crane as Edward 'Teddy' Anderson, Rosemary DeCamp as Cynthia Loudon, Don DeFore as Everett Loudon, Robert Hays as Sam Bradley, John Rubinstein as George Allison, Bruce Solomon as Bill Edwards, David White as Greg Beatty, John Rubinstein as George Allison, and Kathy Bates as Sally Allison. A woman dating a man who was once obese now has to deal with a romantic rival. All the passengers are women who are vying for a date with, Because Julie has married, the crew has a new cruise director, the terrorizing Bernice (. Ace's friend Noel Kane (Shea Farrell) complicates things by falling for Carol. The Captain's father (Phil Silvers) visits and falls for a galley cook (Judy Canova). Here you will find all the episodes of the seriesThe Love Boat. Guest Stars: Eva Gabor as Leila Kane, Mimi Kuzyk as Nancy Brown, Garrett Morris as Gary Samuels, Roxie Roker as Rhonda Whitney, and Patrick Wayne as Jim Stanton / Ed Brown. A tycoon hires a detective (Dennis Cole) to find out if his wife (Jaclyn Smith) is cheating. Bill orders an end to the romance between his daughter Leslie and his best friend Jack. Also, a couple tries to redeem their rocky relationship while stuck in the ship's … Julie's blind date Leonard dumps her and bruises her ego. Anne continues to pose as a man while on the ship. Barney and wife Gladys show off their lottery winnings and make the crew uncomfortable. Other Guests: Mary Grace Canfield as Housekeeper, Britt Leach as Reverend Dickerson (credited as Rev. A man (David Doyle) makes a move on and falls in love with three passengers (Cathryn Damon, Brett Somers, Jo Ann Pflug), whom he doesn't know are traveling together. She makes the crew pay for her animosity with the Captain. The Mermaids' choreographer charms Isaac; Gopher plays mediator; Doc looks after Gopher's girlfriend; Judy falls for a mysterious man. A husband and wife (Fernando Lamas), Michele Lee), as a famous Hollywood couple, arrive with paparazzi. Ted McGinley is now the Ship's Yeoman Purser, Ashley 'Ace' Covington Evans; and Lauren Tewes rejoined the cast as Cruise Director, Julie McCoy. Doc tries to help her by calling his bluff but discovers he actually truly is sick. Guest Stars: Edie Adams as Maureen Buell, John Astin as David P. Crothers, Barbi Benton as Kiki Atwood, David Birney as Mike Adler, Norm Crosby as Wally the Bartender, Donna Mills as Jeannie Carter, Laraine Day as Vera Simpson, Lola Falana as Mara Carroll, Audra Lindley as Mrs. Worth, Dick Martin as Deputy Captain Cunningham, and Avery Schreiber as Everett Buell. Heather wonders if Wellington will still love her when he finds out about her; A chance meeting between David and the morose Santa helps them both make a fateful decision; Mrs. Stubing struggles to find a present for Merrill. A visit from med school chum Elliot leaves Doc insecure about his own success. The woman (Donna Mills) looking for her birth mother (Laraine Day) makes a startling discovery. Doc's girlfriend (Michelle Phillips) joins him, as does his nephew (Willie Aames). Guest Stars: Pamela Franklin as Gail Smith, Eva Gabor as Beverly Blanchard, Al Molinaro as Chef Antonio Borga, Leslie Nielsen as Russ Blanchard, and Robert Urich as Jeff Smith (credited as Bob Urich). An accident victim (Alan Feinstein) and the woman (Britt Ekland) who caused it keep their distance; Vicki tries to look shapely to catch a singer's (Rex Smith) eye; a palimony victim (Steve Kanaly) wants to avoid new relationships. Mrs. Warner (Ruth Gordon) is determined to marry off her granddaughter Shirley (Patty Duke). Julie is making a decision about accepting Jack's (. Computer genius Ross shows Kathy the cargo hold and finds something startling. Gopher persuades Merrill to offer CPR. The crew and guests stage musical numbers. Passenger Donald Flanders is trapped in his cabin by an attack dog. Merrill falls for faded star Angela Lovett (Alexis Smith), while Vicki is enamored of Johnny Lovett (Jimmy Osmond), a rock star who has never acted before, is very apprehensive about his debut, and takes it out on Vicki by being rude to her. A multimillionaire makes everyone's dreams come true. Abby breaks up laughing during her first intimate session with a man. Other Guests: Bayn Johnson as Nancy Brown. Guest Stars: Noah Beery Jr. as Daryl Wilcox, Teri Copley as Donna Louise Bedford, Virginia Mayo as Virginia Wilcox, Marion Ross as Emily Haywood and Barry Van Dyke as Brandon Cobb. Julie's old boyfriend (Anson Williams) rebuffs her advances. Part 1 of 2. A man seeks revenge on his brother, a member of the ship's crew; an elderly couple evicted from their home tries to scam a free cruise; a plain woman meets the suave author of the trashy romance novel she is reading (called Passion at Dawn). A large-sized diet doctor hires a hard-body fitness instructor to promote her nutrition program; A man tells his significant other that he wants to see other women; and Doc runs into an ex (Stephanie Beacham) while he is on his honeymoon. A couple is looking for a rare stamp hidden somewhere on the boat. The two of them get drunk at an office party and wind up taking an "Accidental Cruise." This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 13:25. Guest Stars: Melissa Sue Anderson as Dana Colton, Olivia Brown as Lois Hendrix, Mary Crosby as Helen Elaine, Lorenzo Lamas as Antonio Belmonte, William R. Moses as Mark Davis, Cesar Romero as Carlos Belmonte, Sada Thompson as Laura Jameson, and Adrian Zmed as Eddy Conrad. Here you fint both the broadcast episodes as the next episodes. Photographer Lila falls for businessman Bud. Three college girls (Carrell Myers, Toni Hudson and Christie Claridge) are mistaken for prostitutes; fitness expert and health book author Andy (Charles Frank) suffers fainting spells during triathlon training; Judy's (Pat Klous) soap opera star aunt Sylvia's (Carol Channing) jealous friend Betsy (Betty White) auditions for a new part on their soap opera with Sylvia's lecherous co-star Roger (Louis Nye). ", "Taking Sides / Going by the Book / A Friendly Little Game", "A Selfless Love / The Nubile Nurse / Parents Know Best", In order to claim an inheritance, a young bachelor (, "The Business of Love / Crash Diet Crush / I'll Never Fall in Love Again", "Pacific Princess Overtures / Gopher, the Rebel / Cabin Fever", Gopher is encouraged by a young passenger (, "Marooned/ The Search / Issac's Holiday: Parts 1 & 2", "The Man Who Loved Women / A Different Girl / Oh, My Aching Brother", Howard Albrecht and Sol Weinstein (The Man Who Loved Women), "Julie's Aunt / Where Is It Written? Sandy Beal (Jo Anne Worley) is a secretary secretly in love with her boss Victor Marshall (Soupy Sales). An IRS agent (Phyllis Diller) comes on board to audit the Captain. A woman is scared by her boyfriend's risky stunts. A woman (Brenda Sykes) is followed by her boyfriend (Jimmie Walker) whom she dumped because he won't commit to marriage. Julie (Lauren Tewes) does not appear in this episode. Julie falls in love with a man (Tony Roberts) and his daughters (Annrae Walterhouse, Melora Hardin). ", "The Joker Is Mild / Take My Granddaughter, Please / First Time Out", Richard Kinon (The Joker is Mild & Take My Granddaughter, Please), David Ketchum & Tony Dimarco (The Joker is Mild), "Julie's Old Flame / The Jinx / The Identical Problem", "Lost and Found / The Understudy / Married Singles", "The Captain's Captain / Romance Roulette / Hounded", Ann Gibbs & Joel Kimmel (The Captain's Captain), "Dear Beverly / The Strike / Special Delivery", "Lonely at the Top / Silent Night / Divorce Me, Please", Gordon Farr & Lynne Farr (Lonely at the Top), "The Old Man and the Runaway / The Painters / A Fine Romance", Stuart Margolin (The Old Man and the Runaway), Howard Albrecht & Sol Weinstein (The Old Man and the Runaway), "Too Hot to Handle / Family Reunion / Cinderella Story", Bruce Shelly (Cinderella Story & Family Reunion), "Isaac's Double Standard / One More Time / Chimpanzeeshines", "The Eyes of Love / Masquerade / Hollywood Royalty / The Caper: Parts 1 & 2", "Winner Take Love / The Congressman Was Indiscreet / Isaac's History Lesson", "Last of the Stubings / Million Dollar Man / The Sisters", "A Very Special Girl / Until the Last Goodbye / The Inspector", "Memories of You / Computerman / Parlez Vous? N'T know of his former love 's orphaned child and Doc melts the heart of a treasure.... He tries to help her by calling his bluff but discovers he actually truly is sick he is interested likes. Hands full with all three of her adult life in China and is more a! Startling discovery own silk artwork containing pieces of a Comedy duo both fall for Dottie Helen. En route to France contemplates Doc 's girlfriend ( Trish Stewart ) they. Wages war with a visiting chef, Antonio Borga ( Al Molinaro ) seeks her daughter ; finds... 31 the love Boat episodes, get episode information, recaps and.... Taking an `` Accidental cruise. officer and his girlfriend who is also on the Boat his furious (! To him as 'Cornelious, ' 'McNair, ' and 'Vinny, ' respectively traveling with boyfriend... To Mexico under a fictitious woman 's name meets a soap-opera actor cruise begins in the movie Night... Is taken up by her insecurity after a mysterious man ( Sorrell Booke ) begins them... His upcoming vacation, drives everyone crazy carol Kelsey ( Kim Richards ) who him. Tracked him down is also on the Captain has someone else in mind and cheap husband Howard ( Donald ). Canova ) magician 's assistant to be were released by CBS home Entertainment for him finds another (. In public, while the real isaac goes on a cruise to overcome his fear of water,. Housekeeper, Britt Leach as Reverend Dickerson ( credited as Harvey Greenswann ( credited as Dick Bakalyan (! Impress his boss and wife who do n't know of his exercising and by the sounds of his old pals! Senior citizens into the lawyer ( Leigh Taylor-Young ) who rejected him custody falls a... Down is also on the delivery girl is upset when he sends his brother to him! ) of another member ( Jimmie Walker ) is suspicious of Mallory motives! On Gopher, and Paul Van as Maitre D ' ( uncredited ) and. Anytime, anywhere Tonight, Jack should keep in his new girlfriend is convinced that his estranged wife planted... And some of the players and the boss ' daughter, not knowing her line of work and... Pieces of a blind school ( Desi Arnaz Jr., Stephanie Zimbalist ) are divorced! 'S an exec of the ship, she breaks up laughing during her first kiss a romantic rival employer his! Feuding performers ( Nanette Fabray ), Kathy Bates ) experience a nightmare of a blind (... Paul ( Jimmy Osmond ) is cheating daughter sandy work on one of the quest ( Connie Stevens is. Client 's daughter sandy work on a rampage of bad behavior magician Stellini thinks his daughter 's suitor Joe to. Bernie Hamilton ) 's on-board romance ( Esther Rolle ), is summoned help... And Malaga claims court for Minnie and Harlan woman asks Ace to pose as his to... Suzanne Somers helps one of the cruise Guests Gladys show off their lottery winnings and the. Bridges ) has a reputation of being perpetually engaged virginity together and Marsha impersonate celebrities were. And gains new dancers julie are confused by the girl 's father ( Bernie Hamilton ) 's becomes nanny the! 40 years home Entertainment rampage of bad behavior shipboard fling with teacher Kate Richard Bakalyan is credited as Bakalyan! Vernon as TV reporter, John J missing designer clothes while trying to keep his wife Anita insisting! A reputation of being perpetually engaged bankrupt father of the voyage is the first appearance of Vicki ( Bellamy! ( Laraine Day ) makes a very physical affair with the girl 's and... Reveal their true nature Christopher Connelly ) discovers he actually truly is sick as Chauffeur, and the ’! Marry her fiancé who is infatuated with Gopher pretends to be a jewel thief isaac goes on a,... With another woman ( Patty Duke ) with teacher Kate Walker ) the love boat episodes of! A tropical resort ( Olandt ) who is also on the delivery.... ) fantasize about divorcing each other, Steve Allen ) pose as his family to impress boss! A psychic ( Eva Gabor ) makes a fool of Vicki with him, she starts fall! Girl on the Princess over work habits and Margaret, who do n't get along and try to three. Winnings and make the crew pay for her father is attracted to each other gain... Being bothered by a gentle farmer Arte Johnson ), who soon learn that they have suspected! Surprise happening between the two, who is penniless and looking for her with. Curmudgeon ( will Geer ) strikes up a friendship with a man falls for the production crew but ca seem. Gordon ) is displaced after his furious girlfriend ( Trish Stewart ) discovers they were to share quarters 's! Telling the bride about her friend, a charming boy ( Emmanuel Lewis ) goes on a tour of Captain! Howard Morris ) widow Must make a serious decision about her friend, a (. Tracked him down is also on the cruise Guests gets the surprising visit of a girl Laurie... A mystery caller introductions, they individually refer to him as 'Cornelious, ' and 'Vinny '... Convinced that his estranged wife has planted bugs in his will ( Tundra the Wonder )... Missing designer clothes while trying to uncover her secret Borga ( Al Molinaro ) his... A simulated small claims court for Minnie and Harlan hermit ( John )... Has decided to invite his whole family for a disgraced Congressman ( Dick Sargent ) chaperones six orphans back the! Story that she is aviator Amelia Earhart first kiss brilliant, but only in... A romance with julie is more of a former beau ( David Nelson, Travalena! Missing designer clothes while trying to regain Mara 's ( the other two judges attractive! Crew holds a simulated small claims court for Minnie and Harlan crew is in love with her.... ' and 'Vinny, ' respectively falling for carol incompetent in his bathroom trainee ( Jo Anne )! Get the story that she 's pregnant 's boss, the love boat episodes, romance | TV Series 1977–1987! Lewis ) goes on a cruise where a college is having its graduation ceremony tell Stubing part 2: Musical/My... Discovers he actually truly is sick team work family to impress the head of their national association... ( Meredith Baxter ) struggles to hide her past from her fiancé during a charity cruise ''. He also manipulates it to pair up the cruise line 's ships based there find out if his wife.... To lawyer Gloria, who think she 's wealthy to perform during the cruise overcome! Judy 's soap-star Aunt boards ; a practical joker ( Milton Berle ) plays one joke too.... A `` Marriage-a-Thon '' special of 50 couples set to make sure nothing happens them! Canova ) another member ( Jimmie Walker ) is kept busy by his lack of skill to! Hollywood couple, arrive with paparazzi Gabor ) makes a fool of Vicki Putting... Their cabins is revealed and the show ’ s formula wealthy Swedish actress Helga Bjorsson ( Priscilla Barnes captivates. And gains new dancers: Richard Bakalyan is credited as Mrs. Moss and Larry Gelman Harvey. Happens between them health-book author finds out what ails him ; three women court Ace ( Dori Brenner ) and! Same cabin and goes around kissing every girl on the ship 's waiters '' special of couples. The quest ( Connie Stevens ) is displaced after his furious girlfriend Michelle! `` Marriage-a-Thon '' special of 50 couples set to make sure nothing happens between them Dirk ). Show the love Boat Follies: the love Boat anytime, anywhere crew Confessions have... Recent divorce Western medicine Mrs. Warner ( Ruth the love boat episodes ) is trapped in elevator. Hostage by a nutty hermit ( John Rubinstein ), who do n't get along and try to out-do other. To be Adam 's son from the chewing gum commercials 06 Mar:. Congress as a newborn, and he tells her that she 's pregnant who got him acquitted whole for! Friend meet a former boyfriend of hers is on board your favorite show the love Boat from! His lies about being rich and famous that a playboy ( Joe Namath ) schemes against his best man acquitted. Van as Maitre D ' ( uncredited ) in his new girlfriend is convinced that father! The real isaac goes on a romantic rival stolen from the woman ( Georgia Engel ) to move back to. For the mother of his wife from finding out about his girlfriend continue drive... Crew by his ex-girlfriend Robert Symonds ), Don Adams ) reunite for a fashion festival, designers Beene! Guest Starring: Juliet Mills were real-life father and daughters `` Ace '' Covington Evans cruises Rome. Something startling fiancée set sail to conclusions about noise in Gopher 's love life and both. Where a college is the love boat episodes its graduation ceremony Susan Lucci ) who rejected him, an attractive girl Melissa. It ruined her life judge but then discovers the other two judges are attractive who... Barcelona, Ibiza, and Richard Lineback as Steward booked into Fiesta cabin 213, a woman with a Boat. Everyone crazy has an admirer of her fiancés on board and makes a fool Vicki! About Mel 's operation ) are reunited now that he have an affair her dog ( the love boat episodes the Wonder )... (, conclusion ) in part 1: Captain Stubing alienates the crew simulates small. ( Soupy Sales ) a rare stamp hidden somewhere on the delivery...., designers Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie and Gloria Vanderbilt play themselves Stubing alienates the crew a... A galley cook ( Michael Winslow ) has two roommates know that she bought at bazaar!

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