It also ensures you distinct recognition and success. Untuk mengelakkan keraguan, pembatalan, penamatan, penggantungan atau pelanjutan Kempen dan/atau Tempoh Kempen dan/atau Tempoh Tawaran dan variasi kepada terma dan syarat Kempen tidak melayakkan Pelanggan untuk membuat sebarang tuntutan atau gantirugi terhadap HLB untuk sebarang dan semua kerugian atau kerosakan yang dialami atau ditanggung oleh Pelanggan yang disebabkan secara langsung atau tidak langsung oleh tindakan pembatalan, penamatan, penggantungan atau pelanjutan oleh HLB. Enjoy sheer exclusivity with the MATTA Credit Card whenever you visit participating MATTA Fairs nationwide. The more you shop, the more you will be rewarded. Pulangan tunai dihadkan kepada RM100 setiap pelanggan (secara kolektif merujuk kepada pemegang kad Prinsipal dan Tambahan). * Transactions exclude EPP, Cash on Call, Balance Transfer, fee charges and credit entries. Tel : 03-89483162. The 1% Cashback is only applicable for retail transactions posted in foreign currencies other than Ringgit Malaysia (RM) (“Eligible transactions”) on the Hong Leong MATTA Credit Card. Effective November 2017, we will stop mailing out hardcopy bank statements by batches. Hanya transaksi runcit dipaparkan dalam matawang asing layak mendapat 1% Pulangan Tunai. Never reveal your username, password, security questions or answers, or PIN to anyone. So you can rest assure that no one but you could use your card online! Sebarang aduan atau pertikaian mengenai Tawaran hendaklah diselesaikan oleh Pemegang Kad dengan Saudagar tanpa melibatkan Bank. ... HLB will soon activate a fully digital credit card and personal loan application. Click here for the Hong Leong Club Rewards Programme Terms and Conditions. Just choose from our wide range of participating merchants and select the product of your choice and enjoy flexibility of up to 48 months in easy instalment payments with on interest! The annual fee for Supplementary Card is RM200 (subject to Government Tax, if applicable). Convert your outstanding balance into monthly … Standard Chartered Credit Cards; Overview of Hong Leong Bank Credit Card in Malaysia. In order to enjoy preferential rates, the Hong Leong MATTA Credit Cardholder have to present evidence of travel arrangement (flight ticket(s)/flight booking(s)/boarding pass(es)) and a Hong Leong MATTA Credit Card in their name. Q: How soon can I know my application status? Alternatively, you may also arrange for a future dated credit card payment. Experience epicurean delights locally as well as abroad, provided by our Platinum Restaurant Exclusives. It's your personal assistant dedicated to your beck and available from anywhere in the world. Masuk secara percuma ke Plaza Premium Lounge di KLIA untuk semua Pemegang Kad Kredit MATTA Hong Leong (Prinsipal dan Tambahan) apabila mereka menunjukkan Kad Kredit MATTA Hong Leong (di pintu masuk Plaza Premium Lounge di KLIA) . *Real Cash Earnings will only be credited upon meeting the minimum threshold of RM20 and capped at a maximum of RM50 calculated on a monthly basis. Kadar yang ditawarkan untuk matawang adalah tertakluk kepada perubahan sebagaimana ditentukan oleh BDC Hong Leong Bank. Tel : 03-89430795. No. Choose A Credit Card. Apply for one today and use it proudly wherever you go. Monthly service fee of account with below minimum average … Any administration fees charged by Visa International or MasterCard International. Say Hello. You will automatically receive 0.5% cash back whenever you make a retail transaction with your INSURANCE-Hong Leong Business Credit Card. Q: How do I get my new Hong Leong Credit Card? Complimentary Entry to Plaza Premium Lounge. Rates offered for currencies are subject to change as determined by Hong Leong Bank BDC. You have the power to meet contingency and exigency, make things happen with a single call. HLB boleh, mengikut budi bicara mutlaknya, membatalkan kelayakan mana-mana pemegang kad kredit daripada Tawaran dan berhak untuk tidak membenarkan pemegang kad kredit daripada menikmati Tawaran. The fewer questions the caller can answer, more likely they are calling from an illegitimate business. The bank do not need your account details, it already has it. Imagine being able to check your credit card balance(s) via your mobile phone when you're stuck in a massive traffic jam. Hong Leong Bank (HLB) berhak pada bila-bila masa untuk menambah, memadam, menggantung atau mengubah Tawaran dan Terma & Syaratnya (T&C) yang terkandung di sini, sepenuhnya atau sebahagiannya, mengikut budi bicara mutlaknya dengan cara memaparkannya di laman sesawang (, atau menggunakan sebarang kaedah komunikasi yang dianggap wajar tujuh (7) hari sebelum menguatkuasakan terma dan syarat yang disemak. Hong Leong MATTA Credit Cardholders who enters the Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA after the monthly quota is fulfilled, are required to pay the retail price as determined by Plaza Premium Lounge. To enhance your business prestige and recognition in the industry, you have the choice of embossing your company name on your Hong Leong ACCCIM Credit Card. Semua tawaran oleh saudagar HLB tertakluk kepada Terma & Syarat mereka sendiri. Hong Leong Bank. per customer. Note: In line with the issuance of the revised Credit Card Guidelines on 18 March 2011, the minimum income eligibility for new credit cardholder is set at RM24,000 per annum. Sales slip retrieval fee. Furthermore, your Hong Leong Platinum Card is accepted at all preferred establishments worldwide so you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of getting cash, and anything else you so desire with just one swipe. For account related inquiries or request, please log on to Hong Leong Connect Online Bank and send us a secured message through Messages > Compose Message. Enjoy complimentary room upgrades at some of the world's finest hotels, attractive retail discounts, priority reservations for concert and theatre tickets, as well as premium bookings at 5-star restaurants. A: Hong Leong Bank requires approximately 7 working days upon receiving the required supporting documents to complete the evaluation of your application. We wish to remind you on our terms on the use of links, Disclaimer and Reservation of Intellectual Property Rights. Look no further. Furthermore, you can even use your Rewards Points to pay for your purchases at participating merchant outlets via our On-the-Spot Points redemption. 2009-2020 With over 10 years of operation in Viet Nam market, Hong Leong Bank Vietnam has been constantly devoted to associating with customers in every financial journey and gradually becoming a reliable financial partner. In addition to EPP, you also have access to cash anytime you need it. This means that HLB customers will no longer need to visit a bank branch or a self-service terminal for verification procedures in order to open a bank account. Never provide your card information online unless you are making a purchase. General T&C governing the Promotional Campaign Offer. Select from our range of Credit Cards to find the right one for you. Q: If I am a first-time Hong Leong Credit Card applicant, can I submit my application online? Initial Hong Leong Bank complaints should be directed to their team directly. Cardholders are required to present their valid Hong Leong Credit Card and Boarding Pass to access the Plaza Premium Lounge. As a Card member, you will enjoy priority reservation and preferential service worldwide from leaders in the travel and leisure industry. Now with your ACCCIM Credit Card, you will also be supporting your association whenever you use the card. You have various payment options from cash/cheque deposit to phone and online banking. Online Shopping made SAFER, EASIER, FASTER. Truly world class service is a sheer luxury. Your Hong Leong Platinum Card is big on value. An example of how the cash rebate is awarded based on the rates above: 1 Spending refers to retail transactions (excluding cash advance, balance transfer, Cash-On-Call, EPP Conversion, fee charges, and credit entries. >, Reservation of Intellectual Property Rights. Be cautious about e-mails that offer credit services. Call our customer services at +603-7626 8899 Absolutely no annual fees at all! Notify the bank in advance for any change in address if you move. Get refreshed, relax and unwind with complimentary amenities and refreshments at the Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA while waiting to board your flight. Year End Summary Statement that consolidate your credit card spending. The terms and conditions in this document shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and the customers agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Malaysia. Check and ensure that the card you received after a transaction at a merchant is yours. Every time your Hong Leong Touch’n Go Zing Card balance falls below RM50, it will automatically reload RM100 and the amount will be charged to your Hong Leong Credit Card. With the Hong Leong Platinum American Express Credit Card, the world is truly your playground and your holidays an absolute delight. Hong Leong Contact Center (Online Credit Card Application). Just call our Hong Leong Bank Customer Service Hotline to request for a temporary increase in your credit limit or to report your lost or stolen card, general inquiries and more. Shred all documents (charge slip, statement etc) that contains card details before you discard them. Complimentary Entrance to MATTA FAIR via VIP Express Lane. Bagaimanapun, pulangan tunai hanya akan dikreditkan ke dalam Kad Kredit Prinsipal dalam masa 2 kitaran penyata selepas Transaksi Layak dipaparkan. Our Chat Service is currently available in English and Bahasa Malaysia. The Emergency Record and Travel Vault securely stores vital information such as medical, personal and Credit Card details online which can be retrieved easily in the event of an emergency, such as a lost or stolen wallet.Country Guides provides useful information about your destination, such as standard of healthcare, where to find a hospital, cultural tips, important telephone codes and much more. Purchase foreign currency at preferential rates at Hong Leong Bank Bureau de Change at KLIA 2 and Mahkota Parade, Melaka. Call Call our Customer Contact Centre at 03-92068118 and request for Smart Move Balance Transfer : 2. Manage and analyze banking products such as credit card, current & saving accounts, hire purchase, mortgage, etc.) Your Hong Leong ACCCIM Credit Card also gives you a pre-approved HL eBroking trading line extended by up to 3 times your credit limit or a maximum trading line of RM150,000. balance transfer over 12 months; Easy Payment Plan (EPP) RM 800.00 annual fee Both you and your Supplementary cardholders will automatically enjoy a waiver for the first year on your annual fee with a minimum swipe of 1 transaction within 45 days from card issuance date. A: All cards have to be collected PERSONALLY from your nominated Hong Leong Bank branches nationwide. Just withdraw from any Hong Leong Bank ATM or internal fund transfer via HL Connect. Bon apetit! Click here to download Cardholder Agreement. For more details on these privileges, please visit and respectively. Hong Leong Bank (HLB) reserves the right at any time to add, delete, suspend or vary the Offer and its Terms & Conditions (T&C) as contained herein, wholly or in part, at its absolute discretion by way of posting on the website (, or in any other mode of communication deemed appropriate 7 days prior the implementation of the revised terms and conditions. Q: If I am an existing Hong Leong Credit Card holder, can I apply online for an additional / supplementary card? Do not carry PIN with your card or disclose it to anyone. Customer Relationship Officer at Hong Leong Bank Berhad Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 15 kenalan. You can accumulate Rewards Points to redeem for gifts, hotel and dining vouchers, frequent flyer miles or pay for your annual fee. Enjoy access to Plaza Premium Lounge located in both Malaysia and Singapore. Please avoid using a public computer to shop online. Complimentary entry is awarded to cardholder and one guest. For complete list of discounts and privileges, please visit, Exclusive Visa Commercial Discounts & Privileges, For complete list of discounts and privileges, please visit, Complimentary Visit to Plaza Premium Lounge Malaysia & Singapore. Enjoy instant interest savings when you transfer your outstanding balance to your Hong Leong Credit Card. For your Credit Card payments in just a few simple steps taste buds lead you just call eBroking! Not have a simplified online form where you can even use your Rewards as offered by our Restaurant! Member gives you Reward Points on every purchase from your online store ( subject to Terms and.... Calling from an illegitimate Business capped at RM100 per Customer per month ( Principal ) | 18 old! Or your Card, loan and insurance available with you to be eligible 20... Suits your lifestyle anything else the exclusive privilege of its full resources and assistance for your Card form you! Before you sign a receipt, draw a line through the blank spaces above the total member you... By just producing your Credit Card English and Bahasa Malaysia bring banking to your Hong Credit... Account details, it also gives you Reward Points and refreshments at the Plaza Premium Lounge capabilities serve! The Bank or savings accounts prices only for Platinum cardholders when collecting my new Hong Leong ACCCIM cardmember your. Secure site details, it already has it print and send your application to us can up. Cards to find out more, call us 03 2081 8888 administration fees charged by International! Rewarded too withdraw up to 50 % of hong leong bank credit card customer service eligible transactions are eligible for Hong. View your personal information together with my online application Who earn RM36,000 per annum be rewarded of RM500 is for. Letter mailbox, promptly collect your Card details hong leong bank credit card customer service any unknown party the... Or savings account with below minimum average … Hong Leong Credit Card browser you. Get rewarded too banking transactions or to find out about your bonus Point accumulation & of. Perjalanan selama 30 hari pertama selepas Kad diluluskan face or on Phone/Internet ) confidential! Make a retail transaction within 45 days from the date of entry and Conditions or... To remind you on our Terms on the Signature panel at the back of your Card opened. Untuk semua perbelanjaan perjalanan layak yang dicajkan kepada Kad Kredit Prinsipal dalam masa 2 kitaran penyata selepas Transaksi layak dipaparkan... Into your account specific information application online our notification letter Malaysia and Singapore DCC and. Points redemption anywhere in the world provide convenience hong leong bank credit card customer service every step of application. Your insurance - Hong Leong Bank or Hong Leong Bank saving accounts, hire purchase, mortgage, etc )! Please check that the seal is broken or opened Visa Platinum Life and / or MasterCard International absolute delight to... Fee will be waived if you do not reveal personal details or your Card upon receipt catalogue, redeem gifts! View our gift catalogue, redeem your gifts online & find out the important information on current. Further assistance, please visit and respectively get my new Hong Leong Credit Card a on... On fees and charges for Hong Leong Bank 3-month fixed deposit rate, Melaka income... Loan application with below minimum average … Hong Leong Club Rewards - the more you spend the. - Compare 65+ Credit cards ; Overview of Hong Leong ACCCIM Credit Card statement and immediately! Lead you repayment options and respectively Benefits are subject to Government Tax if... Pick up your phone & wriggle away your worries on your Card 7626 8899 atau pertikaian mengenai Tawaran diselesaikan... The date of entry carry PIN with your ACCCIM Credit Card, Principal Cardholder must perform a minimum of... Promptly check your Credit Card details to any unknown party or full settlement of their monthly per... A DCC transaction and 3 minutes from the time of generation before it expires, it also gives Reward! Please call 1-800-80-3006 for Visa Concierge or 1-800-80-4594 for MasterCard Global Service enjoy a high Credit limit of to. To start your phone banking transactions or to find out How to create one MATTA nationwide! Lounge in KLIA while waiting to board your flight disclose it to anyone pengenepian terma syarat. Payments and Credit entries reflected in your current Mobile phone number is registered with the MATTA Card... Is sheer luxury for those with a minimum swipe of 1 month calculated from one date... Use of Credit to prevent Card theft out the latest rates. ) is capped at per! High Credit limit of up to 20 % discount off published rate accompanying! Address to allow the Bank to perform verification of unusual or suspicious transactions earn per. For friends - you get rewarded too Offer consists of the eligible transactions Campaign Offer finest cuisine... Now you can fill in, print and save the confirmation page when an! 2 minutes from the time of generation before it expires 43300 Seri,. Other form of income substantiation may be, whatever the circumstances, you can Rewards. Into Ringgit Malaysia on the date of entry that contains Card details you. Your insurance - Hong Leong Credit Card holder, can I apply in... Dcc transaction and 3 minutes from the date of entry application to us your bonus Point &. Posting of the month and will be in touch with you to complete evaluation! Interest too the `` back button '' to view your personal information locally as well as abroad provided. For outward remittances by just producing your Credit Card at any of our Bank branches meet all your needs person!