Search through our comprehensive database of words using our advanced word finder and unscrambler. Enter your last name in the search box above to find out more information about your family name, including a description with the surname's origin and history, profiles, documents, projects and discussions. var __am_invisible=0; Web Results for "S". 2020.Ethnologue: Languages of the World. fountain, spring; source, origin. google_ad_slot = "4922440042"; google_ad_width = 300; How many ideas can I generate with this random Albanian Name Generator? BASHKIM, Page 1 - Find Cool Albanian Baby Names - Search NEW Database of 1000s of World baby names, boy and girl names in super Fun naming categories and baby name lists. Click on the names below to learn … Origin . & Contact Info, 20000-surnames Boys' names with the initial L are a remarkably diverse bunch: Gems from further down the popularity list include bold word names like Legend and Lyric, preppy surnames like Landry and Lyle, and dramatic Romance picks like Lorenzo and Luciano. ROMÃO Portuguese Portuguese form of ROMANO (1) or ROMANO (2). Not sure where to start? DEBT AND TAXES . Names. Name Meanings by Gender. If you are searching for Baby Names for Girls in Spanish, you are in the right place. This Greek last name means ‘black John.’ 48. Search our database of thousands of names, by selecting from a number of options. The ultimate A-Z list of Albanian girl names, complete with name meanings and origins for all Albanian baby girl names. Albanian Search Baby Names. It is a Greek surname, meaning ‘of the Lord.’ 50. Names ], [ Found 25 names. Visitors Online: 1536 Today's Visits: 107876 Yesterday's Visits: 396460. The Greek last name means ‘the color red.’ 46. The Most Common Last Names In Every Country, Mapped ... How American Suburbs Were Doomed To Go Bankrupt From The Start 1,769 diggs Cities Explainer. MILOVAN Милован m Serbian From Serbian миловати (milovati) meaning "to caress". Jump to page # GO. OSMANOLLAJ Albanian. Saint Laurence was a 3rd-century deacon and martyr from Rome. ],