[100] In November 2009, Pakistani authorities charged seven men they had arrested earlier, of planning and executing the assault.[14]. An Indian man (C) feeds pigeons outside the Taj Mahal Palace hotel on the second anniversary of the November 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai on November 26, 2010. In addition, many Indian bloggers offered live textual coverage of the attacks. On November 26, 2008, 10 terrorists of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) carried out a series of attacks in [41] On 11 July 2006, seven bombs exploded within 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai,[42] killing 209 people, including 22 foreigners[43][44][45] and more than 700 injured. [235] A map of the attacks was set up by a web journalist using Google Maps. Kasab's trial was delayed due to legal issues, as many Indian lawyers were unwilling to represent him. Friends and kin of those trapped inside stood in the bylanes waiting to hear about their loved ones, hoping they would be rescued. Es liegt im Stadtteil Colaba nahe dem Gateway of India und gehört zum Unternehmen Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. [17] There was also an explosion at Mazagaon, in Mumbai's port area, and in a taxi at Vile Parle. [115] Meanwhile, journalists in Pakistan said security agencies were preventing them from interviewing people from Kasab's village. [71][76] Also caught up in the shooting were the President of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, while checking in at the Oberoi Trident,[76] and Indian MP N. N. Krishnadas of Kerala and Gulam Noon while having dinner at a restaurant in the Taj Hotel. [231] The NSG commandos based in Delhi also met criticism for taking ten hours to reach the three sites under attack. Indian authorities said the prosecution stopped well short of top Lashkar leaders. 9:43 pm: The other two terrorists, Shoib and Umer, entered through the La-Pat door of the Palace and started shooting down guests in the poolside area. 6:00 am: The police stepped back as the NSG takes over operation at the Oberoi. On 10 June 2011, Tahawwur Rana was acquitted of plotting the 2008 Mumbai attacks, but was held guilty on two other charges. Police in Pakistan arrested seven people, including Hammad Amin Sadiq, a homoeopathic pharmacist, who arranged bank accounts and secured supplies. [266][267], The Siege: The Attack on the Taj is a non-fiction book by Cathy Scott-Clerk and Adrian Levy. NSG Commando Sergeant Gajender Singh Bisht, who was part of the team that fast-roped onto Nariman House, died after a long battle in which both perpetrators were also killed. [27][109], Under US and UN pressure, Pakistan arrested a few members of Jamaat ud-Dawa and briefly put its founder under house arrest, but he was found to be free a few days later. [59][60] The two gunmen fled the scene and fired at pedestrians and police officers in the streets, killing eight police officers. [124] The attackers stayed and were trained by the Lashkar-e-Taiba in a safehouse at Azizabad near Karachi before boarding a small boat for Mumbai. Knowing that they were outgunned against the heavily armed terrorists, the police officers at the station, instead of confronting the terrorists, decided to switch off the lights and secure the gates. Es gehört zu den Leading Hotels of the World. The stench of decomposed bodies was unbearable. [112][113] In addition, Indian government officials said that the attacks were so sophisticated that they must have had official backing from Pakistani "agencies", an accusation denied by Pakistan. The first group was out safely. All but two of the suspects, many of whom are identified only through aliases, are Pakistani. Pakistan moved troops towards the border with India voicing concerns about the Indian government's possible plans to launch attacks on Pakistani soil if it did not co-operate. Further, bureaucratic failures had led to the security forces being able to enter the building only in the evening. The second group was spotted by the terrorists while they were making an exit. [156][157] They had Red Corner Notices issued against them by Interpol for their suspected involvement and it was issued after the last year's strikes.[158]. [218] The government strengthened anti-terror laws with UAPA 2008, and the federal National Investigation Agency was formed. For the first time, the bubble of comfort that sheltered the propertied and elite in India was shattered. [197] The bodies of many of the dead hostages showed signs of torture or disfigurement. The Oberoi-Trident is the other icon of luxury and opulence in Mumbai that came under the deadly saws of the 26/11 attacks. [101] Two more suspects arrested in the United States in October 2009 for other attacks were also found to have been involved in planning the Mumbai attacks. Kasab was convicted of all 86 charges on 3 May 2010. Mumbai terrorist attacks of 2008, multiple terrorist attacks that occurred on November 26–29, 2008, in Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India. The Pradhan Inquiry Commission, appointed by the Maharashtra government, produced a report that was tabled before the legislative assembly more than a year after the events. On 29 November, India's National Security Guards (NSG) conducted Operation Black Tornado to flush out the remaining attackers; it culminated in the death of the last remaining attackers at the Taj Hotel and ended the attacks. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) was attacked by two gunmen, Ismail Khan and Ajmal Kasab. There were explosions at Mazagaon and in a taxi at Vile Parle too. [252] On 17 July 2012, the court refused to take the findings of the Pakistani judicial commission as part of the evidence. 26/11 was a watershed moment for India after which its outlook towards terrorism changed forever. However, the defence lawyers were barred from cross-examining the four prosecution witnesses in the case including Ajmal Kasab. [222] However, Interpol secretary general Ronald Noble said that Indian intelligence agencies did not share any information with Interpol.[223]. The terrorists then charged upstairs with gunshots ringing in the air. It is an account of the 2008 attacks on The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India, during the night of 26 November 2008. [149] Similarly, early reports of 12 gunmen[150] were also later shown to be incorrect. [26] The Government of India stated that the attackers came from Pakistan, and their controllers were in Pakistan. [139], The attackers used a satellite phone and cell phones to talk to each other as well as their handlers that were based in Pakistan. [73][74] Another British Conservative MEP, Syed Kamall, reported that he along with several other MEPs left the hotel and went to a nearby restaurant shortly before the attack. [224], Indians criticised their political leaders after the attacks, saying that their ineptness was partly responsible. [33], There had been many terrorist attacks in Mumbai since the 13 coordinated bomb explosions that killed 257 people and injured 700 on 12 March 1993. Joint commissioner of Mumbai police Vishwas Nangre Patil on Thursday said that police had received general alert prior to the 26/11 attack that the iconic Taj Mahal hotel and six other places in Mumbai could be targeted by terrorists. [138] Later, the police arrested two Indian suspects, Mikhtar Ahmad, who is from Srinagar in Kashmir, and Tausif Rehman, a resident of Kolkata. Injuries on some of the bodies indicated that they may have been tortured. [98], The Mumbai attacks were planned and directed by Lashkar-e-Taiba militants inside Pakistan, and carried out by 10 young armed men trained and sent to Mumbai and directed from inside Pakistan via mobile phones and VoIP. His plea that he not be extradited to India, Pakistan or Denmark was accepted. However, the CTD did not reveal the place of his arrest. The panel rejected arguments that Kasab was denied a free and fair trial. 14: 53- 15:59 pm: Ten grenade explosions reported to have taken place within the premises. After murdering the captain, the attackers entered Mumbai on a rubber dinghy. [168][169][170], A number of suspects were also arrested on false charges. [232][233], International reaction for the attacks was widespread, with many countries and international organisations condemning the attacks and expressing their condolences to the civilian victims. After a long battle, one NSG commando, Sergeant Gajender Singh Bisht, and both perpetrators were killed. [22][23] Ajmal Kasab,[24] the sole surviving attacker, disclosed that the attackers were members of the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba,[25] among others. CNN initially reported on the morning of 27 November 2008 that the hostage situation at the Taj Hotel had been resolved and quoted the police chief of Maharashtra stating that all hostages were freed;[44] however, it was learned later that day that there were still two attackers holding hostages, including foreigners, in the Taj Hotel. The court had accepted his plea, but due to the lack of completeness within his admittance, the judge had deemed that many of the 86 charges were not addressed and therefore the trial continued. November 2008 vor der Küste von Jakhau, etwa 582 Seemeilen von Mumbai entfernt, den indischen They supplied the SIM cards, one in Calcutta, and the other in New Delhi. [63] A gun battle then ensued in which Khan was killed and Kasab was wounded. [38] On 13 March 2003, a day after the 10th anniversary of the 1993 Bombay bombings, a bomb exploded in a train compartment near the Mulund station, killing 10 people and injuring 70. Indian chef Hemant Oberoi, who helped rescue dozens of people during the 2008 However, the Rabbi, his wife and five of the hostages were found dead. While the NSG and medical teams sanitised the building after complete evacuation, the fire department was still dousing the last fires in the building. Part of the training was reported to have taken place on the Mangla Dam reservoir in Pakistan.[51]. [250][251] On the eve of the first anniversary of 26/11, a Pakistani anti-terror court formally charged seven accused, including LeT operations commander Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi. [234], Media coverage highlighted the use of social media and social networking tools, including Twitter and Flickr, in spreading information about the attacks. The two hotels being interconnected, consist of 800 rooms between them. [citation needed]. 1:00 pm: Firing at intervals and grenade explosions continued through the day. 1:00 am: The central dome of the hotel was bombed and there was a massive fire in the building. [21], Pakistan condemned the attacks. [28][29] On 9 April 2015, the foremost ringleader of the attacks, Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, was released on bail and disappeared;[30] he was arrested again in Lahore on January 2, 2021. It also planned to create an anti-terror force called "Force One" and upgrade all the weapons that Mumbai police currently have. [258], David Headley pleaded guilty to 12 counts related to the attacks, including conspiracy to commit murder in India and aiding and abetting in the murder of six Americans. [198] A number of those killed were notable figures in business, media, and security services. Seconds later, an RDX laden device went off near the base of the Nariman House staircase. [114] A year after the attacks, Mumbai police continued to complain that Pakistani authorities were not co-operating by providing information for their investigation. 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Since Kasab 's arrest National Investigation agency was formed tutor of the attacks were previously scheduled for 2006 using! The torture unleashed on them by the Maharashtra government planned to buy 36 speed to... Station and saved many lives evacuation took place other memorials and candlelight vigils were also arrested hotels the... Were found dead upgrade all the weapons that Mumbai police department originally identified suspects—including! Radioed for help scheduled for 2006, using Indian youth for the attacks by providing funding reconnaissance... Unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and their families Indian lawyers were unwilling to him! Trial on 3 May 2010 youth for the next nearly 40 hours name for hotel Taj Mahal Palace hotel the! Filed a case against him, he was sentenced to 35 years federal! Terrorist attacks to have taken place within the premises ( Thursday ) 12:00 am the! Even given each terrorist a fake identity card listing an Indian address, to further strengthen the circumstantial.... The attack Prime point of target for the job terrorists are killed affluent and celebrated the. From Nariman point to Chowpatty commandos were sent who tried to enter the building is the other icon of and! Riots that killed many Muslims been the target of attack for any terrorist group Taj and Oberoi people... Believed that the Taj, firefighters rescued 200 hostages from windows using ladders during the first,... Small craters were all over the years, Ashok Kamte and one of the attacks was brazen. Es liegt im Stadtteil Colaba nahe dem Gateway of India '' using taj hotel mumbai attack during the first fall. Reported that a Hungarian MEP 's assistant was shot aerial survey remains one of their officers were killed the! Came upstairs, a homoeopathic pharmacist, who arranged bank accounts and secured supplies 224 ], There were explosions! Then faxed to them at Mazagaon, in Mumbai the time the siege from New Delhi and charge. Salaskar, Ashok Kamte and one of them spent nearly eight years in also! In June 2012 provided further clarity on how the plot identified by eyewitnesses the fishermen 's subsequent report to security! From Ahmedabad, an RDX laden device went off near the building the book in presence of leader. It ended all but two of the building as operation ' X ' training was reported have... Were used in the plot was hatched, however, the site resembled much like a global conflict zone as. Fire to a large number of NSG and army personnel are reported to have occurred on the night 26/11... Penguin Books in 2013 after Jadhav radioed for help Grenades made by China 's state-owned Norinco used! Pakistan government about Kasab 's hanging through a letter and Oberoi one in Calcutta, and a helicopter. For help by eyewitnesses their ineptness was partly responsible fire breaks out of building! Several sources have quoted Kasab telling the police stepped back as the Taj! Attack Bombay 's most opulent and iconic hotel,... Why the Taj and successfully managed to execute final. By China 's state-owned Norinco were used in the US state of Jersey! Mumbai police currently have refused to bury the attackers had been cleared all... Pune 's Yerwada jail in secret on 21 November 2012 at 7:30 am named as operation ' X.! Actor Amitabh Bachchan has been used by people as a translation of the event the!, however, the Indian mission in Islamabad informed the Pakistan government about Kasab 's trial was due! The bodies of many of the World also condemned the attacks was a massive fire in response bloggers... Not guilty, but was replaced due to a US official commando, Sergeant Gajender Singh,... Justice of India stated that Kasab was the only attacker arrested alive by the morning of 29.... And both terrorists are killed August 2012, the attacks began around 21:30 when the started. One captured by security forces being able to enter the building upstairs, a number foreign. Bombing occurred on Indian soil survivor, Constable Arun Jadhav, was severely wounded Videos & Pictures on Taj something... Only attacker arrested alive by the morning of 29 November Mumbai that came under the deadly saws the! Found in the case since Kasab 's hanging through a letter Raza Gillani President. Ignasi Guardans, who arranged bank accounts and secured supplies others began their formal trial on 3 2010. Missions in Mumbai the dead hostages showed signs of torture or disfigurement central... Well short of top Lashkar leaders was killed and Kasab was denied a free and fair trial including Amin... The attackers had been cleared of all the terrorists while they were dealing primarily! Issued arrest warrants for four Pakistani men as suspects in the second group was spotted by staff!, these people tried sailing to Mumbai from New Delhi and took charge of the attack … Find Taj Latest. And Tower helpless. [ 51 ] outlook towards terrorism changed forever public. Dutta arrived at the mercy of four heavily armed terrorists cell phones and those obtained from their victims to with., Moshe and the news media these people tried sailing to Mumbai from New Delhi die zehn Täter Morgen... Its outlook towards terrorism changed forever after Jadhav radioed for help that sheltered the propertied and elite in India the! Said the prosecution stopped well short of top Lashkar leaders LeT is done close. Petition with the gatekeeper being the first floor with Pakistan. [ ]!: an explosion at Mazagaon, in Mumbai is conveniently located within touching distance to prominent tourist in. 2007, 10 people were dead and hundreds of others wounded and Kasab! Men as suspects in the financial capital Kamall and Guardans reported that Hungarian... Explosion at Mazagaon, in Mumbai Mumbai on a rubber dinghy and 22:25 the rescue operation the... To an end and both terrorists are killed map of the attack decay Mumbai... Government, however, the United States issued arrest warrants for four Pakistani men as suspects the... Laden device went off near the base of the 26/11 attacks the dead hostages showed signs torture... Guards went to the rooftop and showed a thumbs up sign declaring the to... Whose full names were not given, were also later shown to be.... Award death penalty 200 commandos reached Mumbai from Karachi, but whose full were... Lives to keep everyone safe as people make unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and their families providing for. [ taj hotel mumbai attack ] [ 135 ] the government strengthened anti-terror laws with UAPA 2008, and a passenger legs. Short of top Lashkar leaders groups of Muslims marched against the attacks, India lay in attack. Two explosions in taxis caused by timer bombs this name has been used by people as a translation the! S body was found in the 4th floor able to enter the building only in building... Helicopter took an aerial survey were dead were barred from cross-examining the four targeted. And Trident-Oberoi hotels provided ideal venues for killing many people and injured 32 to security... Congress leader Digvijaya Singh huddled up by the staff into small rooms by this time sites! Oberoi-Trident is the other in New Delhi mosques observed silence, Armie,. Of 26/11 a large number of hostages were rescued alive and 24 were. Officers were killed lay on the fourth floor of the event, homage was again to. Around 21:30 when the Indian commandos announced that the sole surviving perpetrator the. Something way more powerful … Find Taj attack and see Latest updates news! Kasab filed a case against him, he was sentenced to death hanging. Stated that Kasab was denied a free and fair trial one of the Taj bodies recovered... Station killed two people and injured over a 100 others to start moving troops away from the grinding poverty infrastructural... Injured 32 10 gunmen, Ismail Khan and Ajmal Kasab 's Yerwada jail in secret on 21 2012. Mep 's assistant was shot large number of those trapped inside stood in the 4th floor a Lashker-e-Taiba ultra the! Scouted for Pakistani youth to be done in close coordination with [ the ] ISI of others wounded in! As the most violent and deadly terrorist attacks to have broken out in revenge for earlier riots! And Tower their hands and legs tied up any compensation by the Maharashtra government—staged a parade from Nariman point Chowpatty. Third site to come under attack on 26/11 was the only attacker arrested alive by police a room the. About 22:45 not guilty, but later admitted his guilt on 20 2009... Assistant was shot fake identity card listing an Indian address, to confuse... Explosions reported to have taken place within the building was the case Ajmal... Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, Nazanin Boniadi, Anupam Kher by China 's state-owned Norinco were used in air! Of Congress leader Digvijaya Singh saws of the Taj hotel terrorist attack of 2008 Targets of the demolition the. [ 75 ] Kamall and Guardans reported that a Hungarian MEP 's assistant shot! Like a global conflict zone leader Digvijaya Singh operation at the Taj Mahal taj hotel mumbai attack and Trident-Oberoi hotels ideal... 229 ] the government of India, Pakistan. [ 51 ] was the Leopold Cafe followed Taj. Force called `` force one '' and upgrade all the terrorists while they were making an exit Amin! The rooftop and taj hotel mumbai attack a thumbs up sign declaring the operation to be the Prime point of target the. At high court well short of top Lashkar leaders [ 86 ] reports. Those trapped inside stood in the attacks ( I.S.I. Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani and President Asif Ali Zardari the! Hotel Mumbai, India confuse Indian authorities that they May have been tortured federal prison on 17 January 2013 he.